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The best CD-/DVD-writer in the market. Through its higher quality hardware components in the Drive you will have a better writing result.
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Information about the LITEON PREMIUM writer

The company ADR is well known as a manufacturer of fully automic disc duplication equipment. 
ADR is building CD-/DVD-/BD-duplicators with industiral quality. 
There is no other comapny than ADR that is offering a 5 year warranty on the mechanical components of a duplication system.

Finally there is a high quality CD-/DVD writer that fits to professional needs. 
This drive can be build in ADR and other disc robotic systems. (Call to check if this drive fits to your duplicator)
The LITEON Premium DH-16AFSH-PREMM 1 drive contents higher quality comonents to match the special needs of industrial users.

In the drive is a higher quality spin up motor, a better belt, more professional pick up head and better heat sink.
The special firmware guarantees a higher compatibility to discs in the market.

This drive was designed for clients that want to use high quality components instead of cheap low quality products.

The special tray extension control makes sure that the tray is exactly ejected to the same position at all time. 
This is the only way to use a drive in an autoloader system.

CD-/DVD-SATA writer

Can be used in most autoloaders.
Works for ADR, Primera und other systems. Please send an inquiry if the drive is available for your system.

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