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EVEREST III Autoprinter - Refurbished

AutoEverest 4-color (picture) CD/DVD Thermo-Re-transfer Printer with robotics
2.100,00 € excl tax

About EVEREST III Autoprinter

Everest III is the ideal printer for everyone who wants to print CD-R and DVD-Rs in a high quantity and in a perfect quality.

Rimage sets new standards with the device in terms of printing CDs and DVDs. The current thermo retransfer printing technology MicroDry provides a new dimension of printing quality of CD-Labels. Due to its resolution of 160 LPI the graphics will be printed directly on the CD with a photo-realistic design and are immediately waterproof, colorfast and permanently light resistant.

The fully-automatic robotic provides for a fully-automated production process and saves valuable working time.

The fast CD/DVD thermo Microdry printer Everest by Rimage enables to print easily on every CD-R or DVD-R. It is distinguished by its 160 LPI resolution and a high-quality and fast print as well as immediate wipe resistance (No drying time). Furthermore, you can print directly on smooth CD- or DVD-Rs.


  • Thermo retransfer printing technology “Micro Dry”
  • CY / CMY + White color print
  • Resolution of 400 LPI
  • Photo-realistic CD Label
  • USB connection
  • Fully-automatic CD/DVD printing
  • 3 x 60er magazine

This is a refurbished machine with a 6 month warranty.

Only available as long as stocks last.

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