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HD NG Producer HDD Copy Machine with 5 targets

The fastest HDD Copy Machine in a new design and great features. Standalone device with 5 targets
2.599,00 € excl tax
HD Producer NG:
The new HD Producer NG HDD Copy Machine is the best solution for the professional duplication of hard disk drives.
With a speed of up to 130 MB per second it has the highest data transfer rate of all products.
Each SATA interface operates independently. Thus, the device provides a stable performance regardless of whether you use only one unit or more NG Series together.
The copying speed of the hard disk Kopieres remains the same and exceeds all PC-based solutions by far.

With the new innovative HotSwap design, the hard drives are connected and removed from the HDD copy machine simply and swiftly
without the need for connected SATA and power cables individually.

The seamless insertion and removal of the hard disks to and from the drive caddies saves valuable production time.
Annoying Cable management of the individual HDDs are a thing of the past.
Through the use of optionally availbale adapters a wide range of different formats are compatible for duplication as well.
Currently eSATA, MSATA SSD, iVDR, 2.5 "SATA, 3.5" SATA are supported.
Can be changed easily and quickly between the optional adapters.

The NG series supports duplication tasks via various operating systems for example.
Linux, Unix, Windows, Macintosh, and more are supported.
 This new model has 3 different copy modes:
"Quick Copy", "All Partitions" and "Whole HDD Copy".
If, for example, the data portion of a 2 TB hard drive is only 200GB you can utilize the "Quick Copy" to reduce the copy time from 5.6 hours to 33 minutes.
The empty space is not copied.
This mode, however, can only be used only if it is a known format.
Known formats are: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4).

DoD Erase function:
This delete function, according to the guidelines of the U.S. Department of Defense,
You can erase your hard disk easily and safely.
The hard disk is completely overwritten several times to ensure
that data can not be reconstructed.
If you additionally want to physically destroy the hard drives, we can give you information on our hard drives destroyer.
You can also hard disks of different sizes when copying use.
The target disks but must always be at least as large as the master.

Ultrafast comparison function:
Use the "Compare" function, you can compare hard drives again after copying.
It is a "bit-by-bit" comparison of the master and the target carried out and checked every single bit.

Automatic "power off" function:
If the system is a function is finished running, the power to the hard drive is automatically gestopppt.
Thus damage to the hard disk can be avoided.
Simple operation for everyone:
 Operation of the device is very simple and can be carried out without much effort.
You must provide the systems only with electricity,
connect the USB cable and then drive through the display with 4 buttons.
Easy does it not really. The integrated LEDs provide direct information about the status.
Log Report:
This hard drive copying machine, the latest generation is already equipped with a Log Report system.
All information such as the progress of the copy operation, the copy speed, hard drive capacity, model, serial number of the hard disk and much more information will be added.
This means you can use the copy process also examine in retrospect and solid thus represent if any irregularity is observed.
The internal documentation of the process or the reporting are two possible application situations.

The system can store up to 130,000 logs. A log is a copied target disk.

PC Link:
The PC Link function allows only a direct monitoring during the copy process.
You see a variety of information such as writing speed, total time of the operation, progress in%, etc. for each port.
You are then immediately all sorts of information on the screen of your PC.
1. shows the status of the copy process on the monitor of the computer. (USB Connection)

2. "iseculog" shows and recorded the manufacturer, serial number, copy time, and the result showing of jedm single port.
The information of the master and target are documented.

3. Slow read and write operations are detected and because you can individually view each individual port:
4. To select a time frame for which you want to retrieve the log files simply click on the correspondng date.
The data will be saved as Txt file on the PC. The date is automatically the file bname (eg 12/12/2012.txt).
 Technical Details:

Material:  Metal housing / black
- Standalone system (no PC required), but also connected PC possible
- "Free-Chain Technology" (There may be several systems are connected) via Thunderbolt
- Including monitoring tool
- Including Log Report
- Various adapters available for high compatibility
Copy Speed:  up to 130MB / Sek.
Copy Mode:
Possible Formats
- Quick Copy (System & Files)
- All partition
- Whole HDD
mSATA, eSATA, 2,5" SATA, 3,5" SATA, CF, iVDR, 2,5" IDE, 3,5 IDE and more (SATA including others optional)
Power Supply: 12 V, 9 A Adapter


9 Kg
Capacity: bis zu 3 TB
Supported Formats:
Quick Copy: FAT16/32, NTFS, Linux (Ext. 2 / Ext. 3/ Ext. 4), GPT, Dynamic HDD
whole HDD: alle Formate
Supported Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese
Monochrome LCD
Control keys: 4 Keys (Up, Down, Esc, OK)
Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS

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