ADR is QA certified 
after Norm ISO 9001:2015

for the areas production,
distribution and mechanical engineering

The following brands are part of the ADR Group

DISCUS Medical CD Producer

JMV Packaging machines

Mechanical punch tool

Mechanical services

VS Degausser

Brotherjet UV printer

Máquina de embalar CD/DVD

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Consultas e vendas:

ADR Portugal

Tel : 00351-96-906-3213


ADR Central - Heidelberg

Tel : 0049-(0)6222-9388-0
Fax: 0049-(0)6222-9388-50

ADR Norte - Hamburg

Tel : 0049-(0)40-7001-2094

Espanha - Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 2010793

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Realizamos atendimento em Português na central em Heidelberg (também por Skype).

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