USB / Flash Duplicators and printers

Duplicate USB Thumb Drives and Flash Media with ease

ADR USB & Flash Duplication technology offers you the capability to quickly and easily copy USB thumb drives, SD/MicroSD Cards, CF Cards etc. without the need for a host-computer. The intuitive user interfaces allow any novice to run high quantity duplication successfully and hassle-free. 

Fast and Easy Data Transfer

With ADR's USB thumb drive / Flash duplicators you can simultaneously create up to 118 copies of a source USB drive/ Flash Card. You can even copy data swiftly and securely between different types of media such as USB thumb drives, SD (SecureDigital) / Micro SD Cards or CF (Compact Flash) cards. Additionally, copy results can be compared to its source via a bit-by-bit compare function. Several format and delete functions are available as well to meet different data sanitization needs.

In addition to our standard duplicator solution we also offer individualized data transfer solutions to meet the interface and database requirements of your environment including several copy protection solutions, read-only partitions or specialized flash formats.

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