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ADR USB Publisher

The ADR USB Publisher 20 is a PC-based USB flash drive duplication solution that copies up to 20 USB flash drives at the same time.
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ADR USB Publisher

The ADR USB Publisher is a USB flash drive copier which distinguishes itself by its high reliability, longevity and quality. This new USB production solution will ultimately save you countless of valuable work hours. Using its intuitive and user-friendly software the ADR USB Publisher is able to copy onto 20 USB flash drives simultaneously with incredible speed and accuracy. Copy speeds are, of course, dependant on the type and quality of the flash media being used. 


Features of the ADR USB Publisher

» Automatic replication of 20 USB flash drives
» High Speed USB 2.0
» User-Friendly Software                                                                                                                               
» Deletion, naming and formatting features
» Supports FAT, FAT32 and NTFS
» Completion signal after successfull and accurate copies
» Modern casing
» Supports all current and popular flash drive models from every major manufacturer


» Copies 20 USB Flash Drives
» Works via PC
» Copies all Audio / Video / Data files
» Power Supply: 120/240V
» USB Technologie : USB 2.0, kompatibel with 1.0
» Maximum thumb drive width: 42 mm, height: 12 mm
» Weight 3.08 kg
» Dimensions LxWxD (mm) 220 x 200 x 130

This PC-based USB duplication system was designed to allow sufficient space between its USB ports so that most USB thumb drive shapes are supported.

PC Requirements:

» 2.3GHz Processor or better, 1GB RAM
» Windows XP SP2
» 1 USB 2.0 high speed port
» Windows .NET Frameworks (supported)
» 20 drive letters must be available on the host PC
» Most laptops are not suitable host PCs

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